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Environmental protection system: Medium-sized PLC HMI screen (dust removal system)

Environmental protection is mainly divided into air environmental protection and water resource environmental protection. Dust removal is a treatment process for factory exhaust.

     The dust removal system is a set of systems that must be met for environmental protection requirements in the iron and steel industry. The system is mainly divided into a dust collector system, a fan system, and an ash discharge system. The dust removal fan is generally controlled by a high-pressure fan.

     The system generally adopts medium-sized PLC system + HMI upper computer monitoring and control. A PLC with a Siemens CPU300 is usually enough for the system to use. Field devices are uploaded to the CPU300 control center through I/O points for logical processing. The data is sent to the HMI host computer in the office through the Ethernet CPU300, which is convenient for the operator to monitor the status of the field equipment and perform operation and maintenance on the field equipment.