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Non-stard automation: PLC + servo + frequency converter (glass wool automatic filling control system)

There are many industries involved in non-standard automation, which are mainly designed for small systems and some equipment on the production line, which belong to non-standard systems. Mainly logic control, use small and medium-sized PLCs, cooperate with servos, frequency converters, sensors, valves, etc. to automatically control the equipment, reduce personnel operations, and realize automation functions.

     This set of equipment is a glass wool automatic filling system: Siemens CPU300 series PLC is selected, through 12 sets of servo controller precise positioning and 10 sets of frequency converter roller table motion control to complete the automatic filling of the cut glass wool into the equipment, which has achieved From the original manual filling to unattended automatic filling function.

    Non-standard automation basically implements simple logic control around several devices. For small systems, we basically provide free PLC program design and program design for customers. Welcome!