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Rail Transit: Redundant PLC fiber optic ring network system (underground station system network diagram)

The comprehensive monitoring system for rail transit can be said to be a very large system. The system provides all kinds of normal operation support facilities (including ventilation and air conditioning equipment, water supply and drainage equipment, and lighting equipment) for all underground stations, underground tunnels and depots, and parking lots on the entire line. , Automatic electricity / escalators, etc.) and accident emergency disaster relief facilities (smoke prevention and exhaust systems, emergency lighting systems, etc.) for real-time monitoring and management, and to ensure the safe and reliable operation of these systems, especially in the case of fire accidents in underground stations Next, the relevant disaster relief facilities shall be operated in a timely and effective manner according to the design conditions, thereby ensuring personal safety.

A set of redundant PLC controllers are installed in the environmental control electric control rooms at both ends of the subway underground station. The PLC near the integrated control room of the station is the main controller, and the PLC on the other end is the slave controller. All kinds of RI/O, field equipment with intelligent communication ports and small on-site small controllers and other equipment are integrated into the PLC system through the optical fiber industrial Ethernet ring network, and the mechanical and electrical equipment (heating, air conditioning, electricity Escalators, low-pressure lighting, water supply and drainage, and other common equipment under fire conditions) are monitored and managed.

   The A/B end of the BAS system uses redundant controllers to complete the ventilation and air conditioning system, small system, water system, lighting system, guide sign, escalator, elevator, water supply and drainage system related equipment of the tunnels and stations under the jurisdiction of the station. Monitoring and management, at the same time, monitoring the temperature and humidity of the relevant equipment rooms and public areas and other parameters, as well as with field equipment (such as frequency converters, soft starters, intelligent motor protectors, group control systems, FAS, EPS, escalators) Etc.). Through this program to complete the system's security, stability requirements, and ensure the normal operation of the system.